Welcome to Prestige College Thornview

The school opened in January 2015 and has grown to over 1 500 learners in 2017. When the year 2017 ends, the school will celebrate the much-anticipated success of its first Class of Matriculants. These learners will be 100 percent products of Prestige College.

This school in Soshanguve has grown in demand which translates into capacity concerns, hence the extension of the Preparatory Phase (Grades RRR-4) to open in January 2018.

Telephone number 010 492 3661
E-mail address admin@thornview-prestigecol.com
OR reception@thornview-prestigecol.com
Address 4082 Mofifi Street, Block VV
Extension 4, Soshanguve, 0152
GPS Coordinates 25º 34’ 13.25”S 28º 05’ 51.06”E
Reference (GPS) Mofifi Street
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