Continuous Staff Development and training

Prestige College has continuous in service evaluation and training to ensure the best possible learning opportunities by knowledgeable and well equipped teachers. We believe that staff should facilitate learning in an effective way to improve our learners’ results. Brain based strategies, brain gym to enhance learning and Multiple Intelligence practices is our way of living.

Schools spend a lot of time and money to provide learning opportunities for teachers who come back inspired and motivated. The question we ask is how much of the training gets transferred to the classroom and other teachers in the learning community.

Peter Cole said, “…there is far too much going to workshops, taking short courses and the like and far too little learning while doing the work. Learning external to the job can represent a useful input, but if it is not in balance and in concert with learning in the setting in which you work, the learning will end up being superficial.”¹ This sums up our philosophy on staff development.

Prestige College Teachers attend comprehensive, needs-focused, continuous professional development which is delivered and supported in the school by the principal, deputy-principals and senior staff members. Ongoing coaching, modeling and feedback form the cornerstone of improvement in pedagogy and effective practice to improve our learners’ results. Every teacher is assisted in achieving the targeted knowledge and skills to improve learning and teaching. Effective leadership is essential to drive the success of our philosophy, therefore leadership development supports individuals to sharpen their understanding of their role as leaders of learning in the school improvement process.

We aim to implement sustainable school practices that have been observed internationally in successful schools. Teachers and school leaders work as a team to embed routines that nurture instructional and leadership excellence with the tailor made pedagogy that is a way of living. We have many young teachers that are enthusiastic first year teachers who put the training into practice and have grown to play the role of coach for their peers. We make good classroom practice public to enable coaches to share their pedagogical skills throughout the school.

We worked on structured staff training courses and we are able to present training of international standard on various essential teaching matters. If a teacher knows how to prepare brain friendly lessons, he or she can handle discipline and know how to assess, we are halfway there. We submitted the courses that we developed in Hammanskraal for accreditation and are able to award our own professional development points to the in-service training that teachers receive of the courses that were awarded accreditation.

¹ Cole, P Professional Development: A Great Way to avoid Change (IARTV, 2004).


Staff Subjects & Grades

nr. Name Surname Job description Email Adress
1 Hannelie Berrange Principal
2 Ivy Matlaila Head of Foundation phase Grade 1-4 Setswana
3 Andre Le Roux Head of Intermediate phase Grade 4 A & B English
4 Reinard Bezuidenhout Head of Senior Phase Business Studies FET Gr 12
5 Lesibana Mahlong Head of FET Phase Gr. 12 Maths
6 Frans Malepeng Head of Extra curricular and Discipline, Gr. 9A, B, C Maths
7 Rina du Bruyn Head of Administration, Gr. 11 & 12 Drama
8 Lebo Diale Head of Operations
Foundation Phase
9 Berenice Rademeyer Grade 2 A, B, C Maths
10 Bonita van Aardt Grade R
11 Elizabeth Moshokoa Grade 1 B, C, D Maths
12 Eunice Portheine Grade 3 C, D English and Life Skills
13 Hantro Botha Grade R-3 Music, Grade 2 & 3 Creative Arts
14 Hestie Grobler Grade 2 C & D English and Life Skills
15 Irene Lubuulwa Grade 3 A, B English and Life Skills
16 Khetiwe Zakwe Grade 1 A & B English and Life Skills
17 Luzelle van Niekerk Grade 3 A, B & 2D Maths
18 Monique Koen Grade 1 A Maths, Gr. 1 Creative Arts, Grade 1 A, B, CAfrikaans
19 Ofentse Mocoancoeng Grade Pre-R and 000
20 Tania Riekert Grade R
21 Tanya Strydom Grade 3 C & D Maths, 3 A, B, C Afrikaans
22 Katlego Ramatsui English and Life Skills
23 Mathabo Ntobeng English and Life Skills
24 Tsholofelo Mpshe Grade R
Intermediate Phase
24 Chane Schoeman Gr 4 A & B Maths, Gr. 4 A Afrikaans
25 Clarice Beyers Gr. 5 A, B, 6 Afrikaans
26 Lucky Chingono Gr. 6 B & C English, Gr. 4 C & 6C Maths
27 Wilmadi Bester Gr. 4 C Afrikaans, Gr. 5 & 6 Creative Arts
28 Marizaan Bezuidenhout Gr. 5 Natural Science Gr. 6 Social Science
29 Nancy Dube Gr. 6 A & B Maths Gr. 6 Natural Science
30 Onika van Zyl Gr. 5 English, Gr. 5 C Afrikaans
31 Sipho Ramautswa Gr. 6 A English, Gr. 5 Maths
32 Thilly Radebe Gr. 4 Creative Arts, LO and Natural Science
Kgothatso Mokgolobotho Gr. 4 C English Gr. 4 & 5 Social Science
56 Malebogang Segole Gr. 5 & 6 Setwana
Senior Phase and FET Phase
33 Colette van der Watt Gr. 7 technology & Maths
34 Bella Agoreyo Gr. 9 Natural Science, Gr. 10 B & Key 3 Life Science
35 Andrew Motumba Gr. 10, 11 & 12 Geography
36 Godfrey Sebulime Gr. 10, 11 & 12 Physical Science
37 Boipelo Sikhosana Gr. 8, 9, 7 A& B Creative Arts
38 Tebogo Ntobeng Gr. 7 Natural Science, Afrikaans & Gr. 7C Creative Arts
39 Constance vom Hagen Gr. 8 Natural Science, Gr. 8 A-D Technology
40 Constance Kgantsi Gr. 9 English
41 Daniel Retief Gr. 10 Key 3,4 & 6 & Gr. 9 D, E Maths
42 David Igotun Gr. 9 Technology, Gr. 10 Key 5 Maths, Gr. 11 Maths Lit
43 Febi Ndlovu Gr. 8 A, B, C & Gr. 10 Key 4 English Gr. 11 LO
44 Ilze Potgieter Gr. 10 & 11 Tourism, Gr. 12 Afrikaans
45 Jeffrey Jiri Gr. 9 C & 7 EMS, Gr. 10 & 11 Accounting, Gr. 10 Business Studies
46 Kagiso Sebothoma Gr. 11 Maths, Gr. 12 Maths Lit
48 Marvellous Changara Gr. 9 A, B, D, E EMS, Gr. 11 Business Studies, Gr. 12 Tourism
49 Melissa Mc Donald Gr. 9 LO and Afrikaans
50 Mpho Mahlong Gr. 8 Social Science, Gr. 8E Technology, Gr. 10 LO
51 Mpho Chepi Gr. 12 English Gr. 12 A LO
52 Nodumo Nyamela Gr. 7 & 8 D, E English
53 Renate Hattingh Gr. 10 Key 3 & ^ Gr. 8 A,B,C,D Afrikaans
54 Rhiaan Bezuidenhout Gr. 10 Drama & English Key 2,5 & 6,
55 Russel Rubwe Gr. 9 & 7 Social Science
56 Malebogang Segole Gr. 7, 8 Setwana & LO
57 Simone Sevenster Gr. 11, 10 Key 6 and B Afrikaans
58 Tawanda Manyimo Gr. 8 Maths
59 Tebogo Mohale Gr. 10,11 & 12 CAT Gr. 10 Key 1 Maths
60 Virginia Maubane Gr. 9,10, 11 & 12 Setswana
61 Angeline Mwase Gr. 11 English
62 Hellen Mokgata Gr. 10, 11 & 12 Economics, Gr. 8 EMSci
64 Wilma Bezuidenhout Gr. 10 Key 2, 11 & 12 Life Science
Administration Staff
65 Alfred Petja
66 Anna Moloto
67 Dorcas Mokau
68 Mpho Phala
69 Tumi Makua
Support Staff
70 Ingrid Baloyi N/A
71 Eunice Kotumela N/A
72 Johanna Ngobeni N/A
73 Johannes Mkhabela N/A
74 Ephenia Malemela N/A
75 Frans Monama N/A
76 Martha Mosana N/A
77 Given Masonganye N/A
78 Brian Mataboge N/A
79 Oupa Nkosi N/A
80 Justice Mashilo N/A
Interns, Assistants and Coaches
81 Katlego Mokae
82 Mmabatho Sebiloane
83 Skosana Mpho N/A
84 Ralph Riba
85 Lebo Pete

Cooperative learning opportunities for learners to internalise new information.

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