Part of the mission of Prestige College is to develop the all round qualities of every individual who passes through the education at this school.

Community involvement

All learners are required to present assignments at different levels of their school career where there is proof of involvement and care taken to assist, serve and offer help in their surrounding communities to people who are less fortunate than they are. This requirement is considered part of the curriculum and is compulsory.

Such involvement has already proven to be most successful as learners became aware of the dire needs that exist on their doorstep. They enquire, research, analyse and finally present possible options to help the needy.

Learners do not only do the exercise in terms of a lesson presentation, but get actively involved in raising funds, working physically during week-ends to assist the identified home or project and helping with chores and maintenance where possible.

During this process they acquire special skills, often experience a profound change in attitude towards the less fortunate and gain an immeasurable understanding of the dynamics in our community and country. The school is extremely proud of the achievements of the learners who show they really care.

Olympiads, science expo and other opportunities

The school ensures that all opportunities are fully utilized. Every invitation to participate in an Olympiad of whatever nature that falls into the scope of the school is supported and participation is pursued by the relevant departments. Children are coached and supported to research, design, build and report on the topic they had to explore.

Science Expo for learners has become synonymous with the Science Department at Prestige College. All learners at the school, both Primary and Secondary, have to participate in the annual Science Expo as part of their assessment in Science-related subjects. The assignments are already given to them during the first term of each year to be presented in the third term. Lecturers from the University of Pretoria and other Colleges in the vicinity,as well as people from companies where commensurate opportunities exist, are invited and trained to help with the assessments of these projects. This way, Science and Technology receive a special place on the calendar of the school and learners are made aware of the value of research and presentation skills.

Over the past years, Prestige students at our mother campus in Hammanskraal have accomplished some extraordinary things:

  • They boast Technology Olympiad winners for 2 consecutive years, winning prizes like a fully paid trip to the UK for the learners and staff as well as accompanying bursaries for studies at South African Universities.
  • The Science Expo has delivered even more significant achievements: For four years Prestige College managed to have at least one project selected to participate internationally. These learners were also offered bursaries to study in SA at any of the major Universities.
  • Participation and good achievements were also seen in the Conquesta Olympiads, (for the Primary School) Mathematics Olympiads, General knowledge Olympiads, etc.

We started with our journey to excellence at Thornview Prestige College

Chess in the curriculum

Chess is being offered as a subject in the Primary school and as a result, develops the thinking skills of learners on all levels. Learners have taken to it to the point where chess is currently played during breaks, after school and during the learners’ leisure time.

As a result of this, chess is becoming ‘a way of living…’ at Prestige College which is a huge advantage in this day and age, where children are often reluctant to put their brains to good use in their spare time. These children have consistently improved their performance in mathematics and other analytical subjects.

Needless to say, PRESTIGE COLLEGE Hammanskraal has won district chess competitions in almost all age groups. We could ‘export; Provincial as well as several National level players in the past. Since then, we have had players every year that qualify for the S.A. National Chess Tournament and represented South Africa on an international level.