Cultural and social activities are highly acclaimed at Prestige College and receive therefore personal attention.  We believe in a balanced life style and also try to inculcate that in our learners.

Prestige offers a variety of cultural and social activities such as:

Art club

Our Art teachers offer learners the opportunity to develop visual spatial intelligence while creatively expressing their artistic ideas.

Music and dance
All learners in the Foundation Phase are exposed to music education and participate in dance as part of their weekly program.

Many different forms of dance are offered as well as cultural dances.  Learners also participate in different cultural events and competitions.

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary dance
  • Gum boot dance

Ballet dancers participate in the Royal School of Ballet competitions and examinations.

Marimba Band is one of the musical groups where learners can develop their music smart talent.

Our Junior Choir have their practice during school hours and all learners have the opportunity to participate in this developmental opportunity. In our Secondary School learners audition. Our choirs are being established and will soon participate in competitions.

Debating society, Provincial and National Speech competitions, Eistedfodd and other opportunities are always utilized to benefit the learners. We have our Book Week and Story Writing Development in Term 2 which end in the annual House Plays

Cultural day
On the closest Saturday to Heritage Day we have Cultural Day Celebrations. There are several different cultural groups represented at Prestige. Each group has an opportunity to share what they consider dear to them. Plays, dance, music, poetry and prose are part of this day. In South African Culture we always eat when we get together and various traditional cuisines are available on this day.

Valentines ball
A friendship evening in the beginning of the year where we get to know each other a little better during a social function. Parents are welcome to chaperone their children and enjoy the evening with us- Always an evening to remember.

Mr and miss Prestige

The highlight on the Social Calendar. A very professionally organized evening where we celebrate beauty from within and acknowledge learners that have a passion to make a difference in their community. The winners are expected to present the school during outreach programmes and take the lead in serving our community.

Spring day
On Spring Day we focus on becoming more nature smart by inquiring into different aspects of life on our planet. We grow in knowledge about environmental matters such as how to plant trees or flowers, recycle or habits of wild and wonderful animals. The day can include a picnic or can end with a memorable Spring ball.

Matric farewell
We will host our first glamorous Matric Farewell in 2017.

Prefects inauguration
After the July holiday we have the inauguration of our Head Leaders from Grade 1-12. Prefects take the vow to serve and lead where pupils vow to follow and co-operate; A Solemn occasion where parents also attend.

Parents meetings
We have parent meetings the second Saturday after the start of each term where teachers have an opportunity to meet the parents of learners personally. During the second Saturday of the other months, we identify needs to be addressed and discuss those matters on these parent days. Each meeting has a different focus, with different grades involved. The main purpose of parent meetings is to sharing information. We have a General Parents meeting during the year.

Prize-giving functions
Learners who excel during the year in the academic, sport and cultural sphere receive appropriate awards in the form of certificates, medals and trophies.