Employment Opportunities

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Download Application Form

How to apply:

1. Download the application form: Click here
2. Complete the form digitally and save
3. Email the saved document to nmpele@barnstone.co.za

Prestige College recognises the need of teachers to be content and happy with what they do as their everyday task as well as with their working conditions and place of work. In fact, Prestige wishes to employ only those teachers who are passionate about teaching and learning, who wants to grow and develop themselves in order to also develop others. Prestige Colleges find it a necessity to have teachers with an open mind, a global perspective and a drive to find ways that will give learners the best opportunity to learn and be successful in life.

Prestige College further believes that the only way to give all learners a fair chance to achieve their goals, is through a MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES approach. Teachers should therefore be aware of the different intelligences and also strive to recognise and teach according to the different intelligences in order not to exclude anybody from the lessons. New teachers will receive training in this approach.

Prestige College schools acknowledge the fact that there are different intelligences and not all children have the same dominant intelligences. All learners are intelligent in their own unique way and teachers need to teach to these intelligences.

Available Posts:

Prestige College will place adverts on its website whenever a post becomes available in any of the schools. Please note that not all the schools have the same subject sets. All the schools also do not specialize in Sports – only Prestige College Hammanskraal.

Criteria for employment:

  1. Availability
  2. Qualifications in the desired field
  3. Number of years’ experience
  4. Different fields of interest within the school
  5. Extra mural abilities and qualifications
  6. Residential address (living too far from school usually does not work well in the long run)
  7. Testimonials – background successes
  8. Interview

Interested teachers can complete the application form and send it to the relevant school where they wish to apply for a position.

All CV’s are kept until a position becomes available and it is then when the relevant CV’s already received are all considered.