Discipline – Policy and procedures

When parents sign the form for “Application for Admission”, parents agree that their son or daughter shall be subject to the rules and discipline of the College. The College stands in loco parentis while students are within its jurisdiction.

It is our aim to make learners/people aware of what kind of behavior is required and welcomed by the civilized world and conversely, what kind of behaviour is unwanted, destructive and not accepted by educated, civilised people in the world outside the College. It is further aimed at establishing in all learners a specific style of self-discipline, self-respect, high esteem and respect for every human being with whom they come in contact.

A disciplinary system does not refer to a method of punishing children. Punishment is only applied if all else fails. Punishment is a means of reaching the aim of a disciplinary structure. The structure/system is not a punishment in itself.

The disciplinary system thus aims at a self-disciplined life-style as the cornerstone of quality education and success in life. Discipline and especially self-discipline is one of the fundamental values of Prestige College which is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Every pupil registered at Prestige College is subject to the system and is therefore responsible for knowing the system. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse, i.e. “I didn’t know”.

The management of the College, represented by the Principal, may act without prior notice in cases of exceptionally serious misconduct, in which case action will deviate from the “normal” procedure. In cases where the behaviour of children is deemed extremely destructive by the College, when it is necessary to restore order and discipline for the benefit or protection of other learners or the College itself, individual learners may be suspended at the time and expelled after a disciplinary hearing.

Discipline – Penalty point system

The Penalty Point System will apply and is very objective. It stood the test of court and is thus very relevant. All learners start the year with a points total of

Grade 4 – 6 200
Grade 7 150
Grade 8 150
Grade 9 150
  • For each transgression the predetermined number of points is deducted.
  • A learner may at any stage also be put on “Special report” for a week, during which all

of his activities are scrutinized and discussed with involved staff members and the learner himself.

Discipline – number of points you will lose for every honour not valued

This is a shortened version of the list of possible transgressions.

1. Image [5]

a. Uniform incorrect

b. Own property; Graffiti

c. Impoliteness / not greeting staff or others

d. Eating where not allowed / chewing gum

e. Tear-off slips not returned to school

f. Littering in class and outside / not picking up litter

2. Schoolwork [5]

a. Homework not done / book at home

b. Late in class

c. Poor co-operation in class or disturbance in class. Disruption of lessons/ talking/ sleeping [10]

d. Walking around / playing with toys e Portfolio work handed in late

3. Behaviour [20]

a. Absent from class

b. Swearing – bad language

c. Disrespect towards teacher / learners

d. Leaving without permission

e. Fighting / threatening behaviour

f. Absent from school without permission [30]

g. Copying homework

i. Cell phone / Mp 3 player in class / earphones in ears [30]

4. Serious misconduct [50] or expulsion (Necessitates a compulsory disciplinary inquiry)

a. Alcohol

b. Drugs(eating, drinking, smoking, sniffing forbidden substances)

c. Theft

d. Dishonesty / cheating in exams

e. Weapons

f. Fighting / threatening / intimidation

g. Vandalism or Graffiti on school property / trees / buildings

h. Possession of explicit or undesirable material, e.g. music, magazines, videos i Staying away from College without valid reason for more than 10 days

j. Harassment of staff by learners

k. Inappropriate bodily contact on premises (all hours)

l. Witchcraft

f. Littering in class and outside / not picking up litter

 Discipline – measures to restore discipline

Punishment is our last resort in our attempt to help learners become responsible for their own actions and respectful of the rights of others. To lose points is a form of correctional procedure. Continuous loss of points will lead to an interview with parents, withdrawal from class and it can also lead to expulsion.

Parents will receive a Conduct Report at the end of each term or with Academic Reports.

If a learner believes that he/she has been treated unfairly, he/she may appeal to his/her class teacher or the Head of Discipline or to the Principal.

If behaviour does not change or improve radically, further steps will be taken:

  • A teacher, learner or parent may lay a complaint of misconduct against a learner. This complaint must be filed in writing and handed to the Head of Discipline
  • The Head of Discipline will assess the complaint and give notice to all relevant parties for a disciplinary hearing to take place.
  • The accused has the right to be heard and will give his/her side during the hearing. The disciplinary committee will listen to all sides and make a decision. Mitigating circumstances will be taken into account and all cases will be judged individually.
  • The outcome of the investigation will determine the verdict.
  • A decision will be taken and made known to the parties involved.
  • A decision will be taken and made known to the parties involved.
  • Parents will be informed and asked to come to the College if the situation is such that parental involvement is necessary.

When learners have lost a certain number of points for any type of transgression, they will be prohibited from participating in any extra-mural activity, any sport or social event – because it will be clear that they need more time to do homework and improve behavior. They can also be prohibited from participation in extra-mural activities because of disruptive behaviour in class.

Detention – Staff will place learners on detention for more moderate to serious offences. Detention will be recorded.. If they are placed on detention, they will be required to spend time in school uniform doing class work, other written work, or manual labour around the school. They will remain after school and sometimes on Saturday mornings. Detention takes precedence over all other activities. Detention may also include physical exercise. Detention is not negotiable and will not be postponed at all.

Withdrawal System – no learners has the right to prevent other students from working in an atmosphere conducive to learning. Learners who disrupt classroom procedures, may be withdrawn from class.

Learners who have been withdrawn from class, will spend a specified period of time out of class supervised by another teacher. They will be expected to make up all the work they miss. The Head of Discipline will decide on further action to be taken; this may include an interview with parents.

Learners who are withdrawn from class may not participate or represent the school on any level.

Parents will be informed and asked to come to the College if the situation is such that parental involvement is necessary.

When learners have lost a certain number of points for any type of transgression, they will be prohibited from participating in any extra-mural activity, any sport or social event – because it will be clear that they need more time to do homework and improve behavior. They can also be prohibited from participation in extra-mural activities because of disruptive behaviour in class.

Suspension – learners who commit serious offences may be suspended from school. The period of suspension will vary depending on the seriousness of the offence. Parents will be informed as soon as possible and they should make an appointment to discuss the matter with the Discipline Head. Suspension is the disciplinary step prior to expulsion. Pupils who have lost most of their points will be suspended.

Expulsion – for the most serious breaches of school regulations (serious misconduct), learners could be expelled. Learners who lost all their points by transgressing minor rules on an ongoing basis may also be expelled.


To cheat in a test or exam is to take something that doesn’t belong to you. This practice of dishonesty in any form will encounter fierce opposition and may lead to expulsion. By signing the contract with the school, parents also give permission that a polygraph test may be used to establish the truth when necessary. Should a child be found guilty of dishonesty, parents will be liable for the cost incurred to determine the truth. This arrangement is necessary to encourage children to be honest and for parents to encourage same.

Plagiarism, copying homework, copying form notes during a test or exam, will lead to the learner receiving 0% for the piece of work as presented or submitted. The learners will further be exposed to a disciplinary hearing and will lose the maximum points as this is a very serious offence. This behaviour could also lead to expulsion.


At Prestige College we have a zero tolerance policy regarding drugs. Learners are forbidden to take or possess drugs and those who do, you will be liable for expulsion. No warnings are necessary. Learners may NOT carry drugs to or from school. Drug trafficking is considered an extremely serious offense and those who are guilty of that will be liable for expulsion.

Prescription and over-the-counter-medicine used irresponsibly or for recreational purposes are also regarded as drugs. Please control the quantities of medicine your children have access to.

By signing the contract with the school, parents gives permission that learners may be tested for drugs should reasonable suspicion exist. Learners may therefore be asked to produce a urine sample or be taken to a pathologist to have blood drawn to determine the content of the drug suspected. When found guilty, parents will be liable for the cost incurred with the pathologist.

Drugs destroy many lives and nobody will be allowed to come to school and involve other innocent children in bad habits and forbidden practices like drug usage.


  • Educational excursions are regularly undertaken.
  • The principal’s permission for excursions is obtained after the necessary planning has been done by the teachers in charge.
  • An Indemnity Form, which covers excursions and trips, is signed on admission by parents.
  • Parents are informed in writing of proposed excursions and trips well in advance.
  • Consent for any excursion may be withheld at the parents’ discretion.
  • All school rules apply on all excursions.
  • The uniform policy applies on all excursions.

Please take note that all excursions are optional and at the discretion of the parents who have to pay for it. Unfortunately, not all excursions can be arranged a year in advance.

The school will take care to make sure that all excursions are booked at the best price possible for the best quality available.


If you are proud of something, you will also be loyal to it. To be loyal means not to gossip or talk badly about the school, teachers or fellow students.


Learners may not chew chewing gum and bubble gum at school or on any school outing, function or camp. They may be punished with detention and will lose points accordingly. Chewing gum is not allowed at school at all!


Harassment in all its forms has no place at Prestige College. It can damage the atmosphere of a class and even the climate of a school. Learners who harass teachers will be dealt with severely. Learners who harass other learners are guilty of bullying and that is an expellable offence. All learners have the right to feel comfortable and at home at school. Any form of harassment will be met by a zero tolerance approach.


During the school week (Monday to Friday) evening prep is a learners’ first responsibility; other engagements are to take second place, except under exceptional circumstances. If learners do not get homework set in a specific subject, they are expected to use that time on revision work or recommended reading in the subject, to help them widen their background knowledge. Parents are asked to make sure their children spend at least two hours per day with school work/ study/ research or reading. Homework time should not be replaced with TV time!

Injury or sickness

Learners who are sick or injured should report to the reception. The sickbay is chiefly for boarders and is to be used by day students only in case of urgency. Parents are requested not to send sick children to school. The school is not a clinic and can therefore not hand out any medicine at all. Parents will be called back to school to fetch their children when they are ill. The school will only take day scholars to a doctor or hospital in emergency situations when parents could not be reached. If transport is not available an ambulance will be ordered and parents will be liable for the cost incurred.

Parents are liable for any expenses incurred in such instances.

Parents are requested to send a letter with a reason for the student’s absence from school on the return of the child to school to be put on his/her file.


Learners are not allowed to have craft knives, pocket knives or sheath knives at school.

Expected standard of conduct: Alleged misconduct or Infringement 1st incidence 2nd incidence 3rd incidence
Learners will comply withinstructions and the general rules of the school Willful disregard of instructions Demerit Demerit Parental contact / suspension / expulsion
Disrespectful behaviour to teachers/visitors/par ents Demerit Demerit/war ning Parental contact / suspension
Bringing the name of Prestige College into disrepute Demerit Demerit/warning Expulsion
1. Trespassing on school grounds/In the school boarding house Demerit Demerit/final warning Parental contact / suspension / expulsion
Learners will behave responsibly and will not endanger the safety and welfare of others Bullying/Initiation Demerit/wa rning Final warning Expulsion
Fighting/Assault Demerit/su spension Expulsion
Possession of a weapon at school Expulsion
Vandalism Demerit / warning Final warning / Expulsion Expulsion


Demerit / warning Demerit/final warning Suspension/


Smoking/Litter Demerit / warning Demerit/final warning Suspension/


Possession of/use of

/trade of alcohol/illegal drugs

at school

Suspension / expulsion Expulsion

will maintain sound relations

with others, and be courteous and respectful of

other persons

Possession of pornographic material Warning / demerit Suspension / expulsion
Obscene/demeanin g behaviour Demerit/warning Suspension / expulsion
Sexual harassment/

invasive behaviour

Suspension / expulsion Expulsion
Learners will be punctual

and observe the

timekeeping practices of the school

Bunking Demerit Final warning Suspension/ Cancellation of enrolment
Persistent late coming Warning / demerit Final warning Suspension/ Expulsion
Learners will be reasonably diligent in their learning efforts Poor attendance record, Poor behavioural record, General unco- operativeness, Not doing homework Warning / demerit Parental contact / demerit Suspension / Expulsion
Learners will behave honestly and conduct themselves with integrity Cheating / copying / tampering with tests / tampering with reports/Plagiarism Award 0% for work, then demerit/ Suspension/Expulsion Expulsion
Learners will comply with instructions and the general rules of the school Dishonesty / lying Demerit / warning / suspension Expulsion
Bribery / fraud / forgery Warning / suspension Expulsion
Theft Suspension / expulsion Suspension / expulsion